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At Sowelu, we offer an integrated mind/ body approach to health. This includes talk therapy with the addition of strengthening our relationship to our bodies one of our greatest resources for alignment of mind and body and health. 


Do you have an anxious mind?

Anxiety can present in a number of ways.  Common symptoms include:

  • feeling overwhelmed or stressed
  • excessive worry
  • feeling tired or not sleeping
  • irritability
  • feeling tense or keyed up
  • having difficulty concentrating or completing tasks. 

Anxiety is a stress disorder.  Stress illnesses stem from overusing our stress response system in our body.  This leads to eventual burn out.  Common symptoms for anxiety and trauma are feeling tired, overthinking, tension, not sleeping, spending too much time alone, feeling irritable or on edge, avoiding close relationships, nightmares, sadness, hopelessness, and fear. 


Are you ready for change?


 At Sowelu, we utilize an integrated mind/body approach to help you get back into balance and learn skills to help with anxiety, depression, and trauma.  

This often includes learning how to understand your body and how anxiety or trauma has affected it and how to heal. 

It includes learning or practicing healthy relationship skills and boundaries. 

This often is connected to learning and feeling confident in your body again. 


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“The future is completely open.  We are writing it moment to moment.
~Pema Chodron

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