About Us

Nicole Jarril, MA, LPC, founded to help people heal Sowelu due to her own struggles with mental health and journey to healing.  During this journey she realized that healing included addressing the mind, body and spirit or soul.  This approach integrates using the body as a resource and connecting back to our bodies as a source of wisdom and partnership to enhance and change the way we feel.  It also utilizes the power of the brain to process and heal from old patterns and situations and form new ways of being. 

Nicole has specialized in trauma since her undergraduate program in 2006 when she began volunteering for a domestic violence shelter.  Since then she has worked with veterans, suicidal adults, teens and children, and women and families experiencing crisis. 

Currently, she specializes in PTSD, having healthy relationships, anxiety, and depression. 

Nicole has a Bachelors degree from Naropa in Psychology with an emphasis in Somatic counseling and a Master's degree in Counseling from Regis University. 


Born and raised in the mountains of Colorado.  Nicole loves to go on hikes with her dogs, enjoying live music, working with horses, dancing, and camping.